Importing your car from America to the United Kingdom

  United Kingdom

Thinking about shipping your car from the United States to the USA? Before we get started, we recommend My Car Import for transporting your vehicle. They offer a door to door registration service once your vehicle arrives in the United Kingdom, so there isn’t any worry when it comes to anything.

In fact, you just turn up to drive away with your vehicle in the United Kingdom with a GB license plate.

If you don’t want to get someone else to take care of the very long frustrating process of shipping your vehicle, then read on.

Let’s talk about costs.

The average price for shipping a vehicle is roughly $650. There are numerous factors that can affect the price of this. The location of the vehicle ultimately dictates the port, and the vehicle itself might alter the cost of your quotation.

A fair few people struggle to get an accurate quote at first as ultimately most companies will provide this based on further details.

Other industry changes can also affect the price of shipping.

So, where do you start?


Seriously, without the correct documentation, you are going to struggle.

It’s key to have a wide assortment of documentation that proves the vehicle is well, a vehicle.

With car crime and stolen exports increasing each year the governments at either end of a shipping job are going to scrutinise your vehicle.

They’re also handy to work out the tax.

On arrival in the United Kingdom there are different types of documentation that are required to register the vehicle too – so its worth making sure this is all sorted.

And if you haven’t bought the vehicle yet – that fantastic deal could be more expensive without the documentation.

After you’ve got your documentation sorted….

Get to shipping the vehicle.

Make sure it’s clean, and ready to set sail.

You’ll be required to pay tax on arrival in the United Kingdom – and that’s pretty much the process.

For more information on the registration process the .gov website is helpful: